Nine members of the NCPBM have been honoured with various national medals for their rich contribution in nation building.

The medals were attributed to them by the Head of State on the occasion of the 2018 National day, 20th of May. They were decorated on the 19th of December, 2018, by the President of the NCPBM and Grand Chancellor of the National Orders, Peter MAFANY MUSONGE.

It was a colourful ceremony, animated by the brass band of the National Gendarmerie, which on the occasion executed the National anthem at the start.

Taking the floor, the President of the NCPBM pointed out that the Commission which will soon be two years old is made up of people chosen on the basis of their past long experience at the service of the Nation.

He said it is in recognition of their contribution that the laureates of the day were chosen.

 Mr. Peter MAFANY Congratulated the recipients and exhorted them to continue working hard for the fatherland, as they devote their energy  and time to the promotion of Bilingualism and multiculturalism as well as Strengthen the people’s daily resolve to living together harmoniously and in peace.

The following were honoured with medals:

For the order of valour, Mr. ABOUEM à TCOYI David was raised to dignity of grand officer, Mrs. AMA TUTU MUNA to commander, Mr. OUMAROU DJIKA SAIDOU to officer, Abbé Jean Marie BODO to officer, Mr. NGWANE George ESAMBE to officer and Mrs.MBAPPE TICKY NGONDE NJOH Agnès to officer.

Mr. AMADOU MOHAMADOU BABA, Mrs. DJANABOU BAKARY and Mr. MBAFOR Jean Marc AFFESI raised to knights of the order of merit.